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News Articles Featuring Firetect

Mission: Keep a Barn Lit on Fire All Night without Burning Down

Jana Adkins - March 2014


Launched in 1973, Firetect is everywhere flames aren’t. Manufacturing their own fire retardant products, the Santa Clarita firm owned by Kathleen and Randy Newman, helps to protect globally known theme parks and film studios to keep their properties and the people who inhabit them safe from fire.


“Our primary client is the entertainment industry – any place where large crowds gather,” said Kathleen Newman, CEO of Firetect. “We advise (Six Flags) Magic Mountain where they can and cannot spray our products; and we work with many of the production companies at Santa Clarita Studios to fire-retard their set materials right...


Visit The Santa Clarita Valley Bussiness Journal Article Here

Red Hot Chili Pepper's 



Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers text-messaged an L.A. Times reporter today his home in Malibu has “burnt to a crisp.” But updates Flea’s home “is not a burnt pepper.” Is it toast or not? Flea, the bassist for the band, explains his second home (worth $4.8 million) is the one that went up in smoke.


It’s what’s hot online tonight as the Web burns on the fires fed by the whipping Santa Ana winds in California... but read up on the guy next door who kept his home from being burned using 15 gallons of a flame-retardant spray called Safe-T-Guard.

Fire retardants that protect the home

Sam Byker - October 2007


Scott Garrett got the evacuation order at 6 a.m. on Oct. 22. His Lake Arrowhead home lay in the path of the Grass Valley fire, and flames would arrive within hours. Garrett rushed to his garage, where he kept 15 gallons of a flame-retardant spray called Safe-T-Guard. Using a garden sprayer, he applied the clear liquid to his 5,500-square-foot home's decks, eaves and wood siding.


Though houses up and down Garrett's street burned in the blaze, his remained standing. Garrett later found a 3-inch-long blackened ember that had been blown onto his deck. The wood around it had charred but hadn't caught fire -- thanks, he said, to the spray."Every one of the neighbors around here wants to get some now," Garrett said.


Visit The LA Times Article Here 

Fire Retardant Coating Innovation Strong in the USA 



Kathy Newman, CEO at Firetect, says that the company is currently working on new formulations that help combat all types of fire, including wild fires and oil rig fires, while ensuring that such products are produced in a sustainable manner and also offer 'superb aesthetics and durability'.


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