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Water and Stain

Resistance Services

Let us guard your fabric AND your investment with Firetect Stain and Water Repellant after the flame retardant!

If we are treating your fabric, just let us know you would like this service and we would be happy to provide it for you!

Call now for pricing and more information.


When you choose Firetect for our flame retardant application services, you can also have our water and stain resistant treatment added to your materials after the flame retardant is applied. Just ask us about our water and stain resistant services!


Treating your fabrics with flame retardant chemicals is required for any business, restaurant, school or place of public assembly where there is seating for more than ten people — so it is a major need. Our flame retardant chemicals are water-based and don’t cause the color of your fabrics to change — but they also don’t protect your drapes, upholstery or other fabrics from water damage or stains. Following up our flame retardant application with our water resistant and stain resistant services can add the protection you need to help add years to the useful life of your fabrics.


Call us at 661-295-3473 for pricing and more information about our flame retardant application services and our water and stain resistant services. We also offer 24 hour emergency services, plus cleaning and repair of fabrics such as theatrical drapes, window coverings, curtains, upholstery and more! Let Firetect keep your customers, employees and property safer while extending the life of your fabrics too.

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