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How to avoid any hassle when it comes to flame retarding:


As one of the best commercial flame retardant manufacturers and applicators in the country, Firetect has an outstanding record for helping people fulfill all of their fire retardant needs.  Our expert advice is now available online.  


To learn how to have the smoothest transition from flammable to flame-free, check out these easy steps.  

  • Get in contact with the local fire marshal

    • This is extremely important because the fire codes and standards are different
      everywhere.  That being said, materials you previously had treated may not be compliant
      with the fire codes in a new location.  By getting in contact with your fire marshal, you can
      potentially save yourself thousands of dollars and hours of stress without the trouble of
      having to set up, take down and set up your projects repeatedly because the materials
      were not compliant.  

    • It may take a little research to find out who your local fire marshal is.  We recommend
       getting in touch with the person overseeing the safety in your building or contacting a local
      fire station for more information.

  • Know your materials

    • Every material different so it is important to know exactly what you are working with and
      need treated.  This includes any type of paint, glue, or dyes.  Note: glue is extremely
      flammable so we recommend replacing it with our product WT-102.  For more information
      please contact us.

    • All fringes, appliqué, sequins, glitter, frill, tassels, and trim must also meet fire codes, or be treated with the rest of the material.  In order to keep the process running smoothly, be sure to report the fiber contents of the materials to us so we can treat the products more effectively.  If you do not know your substrates, contact your supplier.  

  • Pre-test your materials

    • To get an idea of what textiles you are working with, pretest your materials with a trained professional.  You can do this by following these instructions and guidelines

  • Treat your items

    • If you would like us to treat your materials, please fill out this form and send it to so we can send you a quote.  
      Please be aware that in order to get a Certificate of Flame Resistance, a certified applicator must apply the product.  

  • Keep records of all your treated products

    • It is important to have records of all treatments for your fire inspectors and to help you save money and avoid retreating materials.  Keep a dated log with all of the products that were treated, a sample of the material, MSDS sheets of the products that were used and how they were applied.  

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