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Featured Stories:

FireTect treated a barn on the set of A&E's television show Longmire.  The barn was teated with Fire-Poof and ignited more than 30 times throughout the night using propane lines.  Even after all of the heat the barn had been through, it still stood the next day! It even has unburnt paint on it! 

Watch the action now!


Featured Stories:

FireTect was contacted to flame retard an artistic piece--a wall composed of books.  Luckily, no feat is too large for us to handle.  We treated the wall with saturant so it passed the flame tests with no problems.  Check out the flame test video!


Featured Stories:

At Princeton University hangs a beautiful tapestry in the Library Reading Room that was treated by Firetect.  

This slide show is composed of images of the material being installed.  


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