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Flame-Retarding Application and Certification

Cleaning and Water and Stain Resistance Application for

Theatrical Drapes, Wall & Window Coverings, Upholstery, Repair Services

Properly applied flame retardants help protect not only the safety and lives of your customers and employees, but also your property. If your business or building seats more than 10 people and has decorative materials such as fabrics that can act as fuel for a fire, these materials must be treated and certified. Firetect can not only provide on-site flame retardant application services, but can also test your materials and issue a Certificate of Flame Resistance showing that you meet your state’s fire codes.


Many clients ask us if our on-site services create a mess. Our technicians always do their best to avoid over-spraying, but we always advise the client to cover surfaces that they don’t want to come in contact with the flame retardant chemicals. The flame retardant we use is water-based, so materials that should be covered include metals that can tarnish.


We work around your schedule when providing on-site services, but we also provide 24-hour emergency services if you need them. It’s best to schedule our on-site flame retardant applications well in advance of when you need them to be done — such as for an event — so we can let you know our availability and work with your time constraints. Contact us today for a quote!

  • What is the process when I would like to have Firetect flame-retard my fabric, wood, or other decorative material?
  • When is the best time for Firetect to apply their fire-retardant when application is done at the Firetect Warehouse?  (off-site application) (link to off-site application page)
    • Drop ship your bolt fabric to Firetect, or Firetect will arrange local pick-up from your fabric supplier.  Firetect will apply and certify the bolted fabric and send it back to your fabricator for sewing.
  • Does on-site flame-retarding create a mess?
    • The client is responsible for covering all areas that they do not want to come in contact with the flame-retarant.  Our technicians will do their best to prevent over-spray.  The flame-retardant is water based – so any metal that is exposed should be covered to prevent tarnish.   

  • How long will it take to dry?​

    •  Depending upon the atmospheric conditions and ventilation, we recommend 24 hours for dry time.

  • How often do my decorative materials need to be treated? 
    •  It is difficult to determine how often decorative materials should be treated. If a fabric comes in contact with any liquids, it can change the flame-spread since most flame-retardant is water-soluble. Dirt, atmospheric conditions and cleaning chemicals can change the flame-spread. The safest way to maintain the flame-retardant properties of your decorative materials is to put them on a maintenance schedule that includes cleaning and re-application and certification of flame retardant by a licensed CA Applicator using a CA Certified product.
      It is important to train the cleaning crew and include in maintenance procedures to never let fabrics come in contact with liquids. All decorative materials should be tagged with the last date of application, Certified Applicator’s information and Flame Retardant Certification Number. In addition, the Certificate of Flame Resistance should be kept on and off-site at all times in case the Certificate of Flame Resistance is needed.
  • What is, “IFR” fabric?
    • IFR fabric is, “Inherently Flame Retardant Fabric”.  It is a synthetic fabric that has flame-retardant made into the solution as it is made.  IFR Fabric is supposed to last the, “lifetime of the fabric”.  Firetect has had to re-treat IFR fabric many times because it sustains a flame and it is flammable.
  • How long does it take and how soon in advance do we need to schedule the application?
    • Firetect works around your hours of operation.  Firetect offers emergency 24 hour service, (additional charges may apply).  The emergency 24 hour service phone number is 661/510-0255.  It is best to let Firetect know approximately when we will be receiving a job in order to provide the best possible service and meet time constraints.
  • Will Firetect be able to meet the fire codes for our event?
    • Yes, Firetect will be able to comply with all required fire codes for drapery, decorative fabrics, etc.  If the fabric is attached to the wall with glue or permanently affixed, different fire codes may apply.
  • What is a, “Certificate of Flame Resistance”?
    • A, “CA Certificate of Flame Resistance” is provided only by a trained Flame Retardant Applicator who is licensed and registered with the State Fire Marshal.  Flame-Retardants are a life and property safety measure.  When applied incorrectly and not in accordance to the appropriate fire codes, there can be devastating results.  Being a Licensed Certified Applicator who is properly trained adds credibility to the application and certification process.  Certified Applicators must follow certain regulations and laws of the California State Fire Marshal and has passed the required examination process.  Many jurisdictions in the United States accept California Certificate of Flame Resistance and follow the guidelines of the California State Fire Marshal.
  • Who is required to have a, “Certificate of Flame Resistance”? 
    • In any California commercial building that seats more than 10 people and contains decorative materials that can increase flame or fire must comply with flame retardant codes and the decorative materials must be certified and tagged.  A, “Certificate of Flame Resistance” must be accessible to the Fire Inspector.
  • What about states other than California?
    • All states need to comply with flame-retardant codes.  Many states follow California guidelines and also require a Certificate of Flame Resistance.
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