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Theatrical Drapery Cleaning & Repair

Does your fabric or drapery need some tender-loving-care? Here at Firetect, We understand how years of wear can be evident on your drapes, upholstery and window coverings.  Whatever the mess, help is on the way. We can help take years of dirt and grime out of your items and improve the look instantly!

 Not to mention--We can repair your items too!

At Firetect, we can not only make your drapery, upholstery, theater curtains and other fabrics flame resistant, but can also clean and repair them to make them look a lot better! Years of theatrical performances and events can cause damage, wear and the buildup of dirt and grime on your drapery, but drapery cleaning and repair from Firetect can help make them look like new again.


If your drapes aren’t the same color you remember them being when they were first installed, you may think that they have faded. However, they probably just need a good cleaning to bring out their original color. Removing the dirt and grime can make more of a difference than you might have thought it would, and a good cleaning can do a lot to restore the original color and appearance of many fabrics.


So if you think your drapes or theater curtains are at the end of their life and you’re considering replacing your existing fabrics or upholstery, give Firetect’s drapery cleaning services a try first. We also offer drapery repair services in case your fabrics need a little fixing up. You’ll be surprised at the results!

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