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Shipping Information and Guidelines

Great news for Firetect customers! 3 ways to accomodate your projects needs:

Same-Day Courier Service

Customers in Los Angeles and surrounding counties can have fabric, product, or samples delivered to or from Firetect via our same-day courier. Simply let us know what you need and we'll do all the work for you. Deliveries or pick-ups ordered by 11AM will arrive that same day. For same-day orders placed after 11AM or shipments that need to arrive within a certain timeframe, a "Rush" or "Direct" service is required. 


  • Regular - Order placed by 11AM and delivered by the end of the day. 10AM deadline for counties outside Los Angeles.


  • Rush - Picked up and delivered within 3 to 4 hours in Los Angeles County. Add one hour for every county travelled through. I.E., Valencia to Orange County would be 4-5 hours.


  • Direct Picked up and transported directly to destination.


  • After Hours - Starts at 5PM and extends until 7AM (weekends) and is 1.5x the cost of Direct. $45 minimum.



Domestic Shipments

Excluding freight, all domestic shipments from Firetect are sent via FedEx. If your company has its own FedEx account they'd like us to use, we'll happily oblige. Please note, Firetect must charge $100 per instance if your FedEx order includes multiple ship-to addresses. We welcome the customer to provide their own shipping arrangements should they wish. 

Domestic Freight Shipments are sent out to bid and compared by Firetect in order to balance best pricing with safest transport for our customers. Flame retardant coatings such as WT-102, WT-103, FR-10, and PC-201 cannot be allowed to freeze during transport and must be shipped with Freeze-Protection if temperatures are expected to drop too low during transit. If your shipment needs Freeze-Protection, please allow extra time to reach its destination. Carriers will not guarantee arrival times if weather or temperature threatens the integrity of their load.

International Shipments

For the international shipping of fabric, the customer must arrange pick-up and shipping labels. Firetect will prepare packaging, compile customer-provided shipping documents, and prepare the item(s) for shipment.

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