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Flame Retardant Workshop

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If you work in an industry or own a business in which meeting fire codes is important, knowing the ins and outs of flame retardants is very useful! For that reason, Firetect offers informative flame retardant workshops that give you a clearer idea of how flame and fire retardants work to help protect life, safety and property.


Led by Kathleen (Kathy) Newman, an expert with over 30 years of experience in the flame retardant industry, our workshops give you the information you need to feel more comfortable working with or around fire retardants as well as to refine your policies and procedures from a position of more knowledge. You’ll also get greater insight into fire codes at various levels (local, state and national), liability, documentation, how to better plan the purchase of materials, and more. As a bonus, participants in our flame retardant workshops get hands-on experience in fire retardant application and in-house testing.


Many prominent companies have participated in our workshops and have been greatly satisfied with the useful information they gained. These workshops do not take the place of taking a test to become a CA Certified Fire Retardant Applicator, but it does serve as a great supplement to  becoming a CA Certified Fire Retardant Applicator.


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