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About FireTect

Estblished in 1973

Who We Are

     Firetect headquartered in California, 40 miles north of Los Angeles. For over 25 years, Firetect has manufactured and their Certified Applicators have applied flame retardant paints, coatings and saturants to a global customer base.

     Firetect Manufacturing is certified for application in New York City and California of flame and fire retardant products for textile fabric, wood, hay, straw, foam and other materials. Firetect, Inc. provides training and consulting for fireproofing to many leading scenic design, entertainment, theme parks and production companies worldwide. They are the leading flame retardant company for CA, NYC, ASTM, UL, FM and local flame-proofing code compliance. Firetect‘s Certified Applicators will provide your company with quality products, training and free inspections to keep your company in compliance.

     We manufacturer a full line of Class A and B flame retardant paints, varnishes, saturants and coatings for the textile, entertainment and building industries. All of our products have passed Class 1 or Class 2 flame spread ratings by Certified Laboratories. Our flame retardants  are unique in their ease of application, the ability to comply with appropriate fire codes and most important - effectiveness.

     Primary product areas include flame retardant for fabrics, intumescent industrial coatings, saturants and coatings for decorative materials, including fabric, paper, wood, foliage, hay and straw. Each product is approved by ICBO, City of Los Angeles, U.S. Military, Children's Sleepwear, FAA, ASTM, UL, State of California, New York, and can be used to meet numerous NFPA standards.



Want to pass ASTM E84, NFPA 701, Title 19, NFPA 255 & 265?


We work with you on flame retarding for:

     Wood, Fabric, Foam, Leather, Vinyl, Mattresses, Ticking, Hay, Straw and Foliage.


Additional Services:

  • Code Testing 

  • Consulting 

  • Site Inspections

  • Special Projects

  • Testing of Fabric and other decorative materials.


Our Goal for Designers:
     In the fast pace and hectic event design, production, construction, fabrication and entertainment world, the key goal is to produce a unique, impactful design, which will provide a special feeling, uniqueness and distinctiveness that can be created by talented designers and provide safety from fire. Firetect understands deadlines and budget constraints. We want to minimize the extra costs paid by designers and fabricators spent on fabric and wood that is purchased already fire-retardant and marked up so many times by the, “middle man” to achieve the required fire code. When fabric and wood is purchased non-fire-retardant, companies can save thousands of dollars by letting Firetect handle the flame-retardant part for them. Firetect will coordinate and make the process easy and seamless for the designer to save money and complete their project on time with no additional hassle.

Our Goal for Product Offering:
     When fabricators need quality flame-retardants with strong testing and support, Firetect is your, “Go To Fire-Poof Company”. Whether you are the end user or one of our treasured distributors, Firetect will provide you with the highest level of quality flame-retardant products and services available. Flame Retardants are a life saving product; you want to work with a reputable, qualified, strong company that that is financially stable with superior products and credentials behind them that can provide outstanding customer support. Firetect continues their research and development to expand their product offering for different applications and into different markets. Our goal is to be an example of a Premier Vendor that customers want to work with long term.

Our Goal for Cleaning, Repair and Flame-Retardant Application:
     We strive to provide the customer with a thorough description of the job being performed. Our uniformed, Licensed Applicators are thoroughly trained to clean, repair and apply Firetect’s Certified products to your soft goods. Our service is convenient and Firetect works around your hours of operation. We will help to maintain your beautiful investment to the highest standards possible, while keeping your occupants and property safe from fire.

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