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FirePoof WT-102 WT-103 FR-10 Fire-Safe Tree Safe

FireTect's Products
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Our current flame retardant Saturants and coatings are rated Class "A" or  Class "B" (I and II)

Water Based Saturants
bulletFire-poof™ is an interior flame retardant for most fibers, raw wood. Fire-poof™ is easy; one product for most fibers. Not effective on 100% nylon, acetate, acrylic, plastic, metal or surfaces with water, glue or stain / water repellent.

Fire-Safe TM
bullet (Hay, Straw, and thatching) Class 1 flame retardant for hay, straw or dried palm leaves (thatching).

Water-Based Latex Fire Retardant Paints & Varnishes

WT-102 Fire Retardant Paint
bullet Class 1 intumescent coating for wood. Coverage is 100 square feet per gallon with 2 coats (200 sq. feet/gallon). Can be used as a primer. Excellent coverage where a Class 1 flame spread is desired. Available in white, black and color base for custom colors. Custom tinting is available for minimum orders.

WT-103 Fire Retardant Clear Coat
bulletClear - Matte - Finish:  Class 2 flame retardant for wood. Coverage is 100 square feet per gallon with 2 coats (200 sq. feet/gallon)

FR-10 Varnish Fire Retardant
bulletClear - Semi-gloss - Finish: Class 2 flame retardant varnish. Coverage is 200 square feet per gallon with 1 coat. FR-10 produces a clear, durable, washable coating suitable for interior  use. Can be used in conjunction with WT-102 for increased flame seal and protection.

PC-201 Flame Retardant for foam
bullet Provides flame retardancy and reduces flammability for polyurethane, polyester and polyethylene foams and other cushioning materials. Coverage is 75-200 square feet per gallon in 2 coats.

Tree Safe

bulletTree Safe is a non-hazardous; non-toxic Class 1 interior latex based paint for use on Christmas Trees. This flame retardant coating comes in a beautiful green color that looks just as natural as the tree color itself. Tree Safe helps to keep the needles intact and helps to preserve the tree. There is no tacky feel to the tree after drying. Also available in black, white and off-white. Custom colors available with minimum quantity orders.




Type  Class Works on Square Feet of coverage
 per gallon 
Water Based Saturants
 on fabric/wood
Flame Retardant 1 Paper/Fabric/Wood 200-800
Fire-Safe Flame Retardant  A Hay / Straw approx 200
Water-Based Latex Fire Retardant Paints & Varnishes
WT102 Paint/Primer/
 1 Wood 100*
WT103 Clear Matte
 2 Wood
2 coats
FR10 Semi Gloss  2 Wood
1 coat
Tree-Safe Flame Retardant 1 Xmas Trees approx 100
PC201   n/a Foam 75-200
*Apply two coats of WT-102 at the rate of 200 square feet per gallon. One gallon covers 100 square feet of useable product in two coats.

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